ASSIST is a web-based application in which you record visual observations of sea ice. It can be run at sea without an internet connection on Windows, Mac or Linux computers. Please ensure you have Java, an appropriate web browser, and ASSIST installed on the computer you will use for data collection prior to leaving the ships's port. You will find an installation guide and information about the data format in the ASSIST download package.


ASSIST requires JAVA 7 or newer.

Download Java
A modern web browser
Ice Watch Manual (Draft: June 2018)

WARNING: Do not use photo features in ASSIST. See known bug report.

Download ASSIST v4.1
Extra files (also included in the ASSIST download package)
ASSIST v4.1 Installation Guide pdf
ASSIST v4.1 Cheat Sheets pdf xlsx
ASSIST_v4.1_Upload_to_Icewatch instructions pdf
Algae Indentification Color Chart pdf
Known Bugs (ASSIST_v4.1) txt